Building a Tremendous Wall

A bathroom just doesn’t offer the same level of privacy and comfort when it’s also part of the kitchen, for obvious reasons! It was time to build a Tremendous Wall and a door to separate the bathroom from the kitchen.

Luckily, Dad was on the case and came up with a great design. Have I mentioned he’s kind of a construction jedi? Here’s his concept sketch:


Basically, this was going to be a plywood wall notched out to fit perfectly around the loft support beams with a sliding door to access the bathroom.

Dad cut the first wall piece using a cardboard template.


The first piece goes in!


The shower and bathtub will go right where Dad’s standing in this photo:


This photo shows my closet at the front end of the loft (this is where I’ll keep all my clothes) with the bathroom in the background, and the newly-defined kitchen on the right side:


A closer view of the kitchen wall:


Looking into the bathroom:

The top half of the wall behind the toilet is an awesome shelf with a mirror back that my dad made more than 30 years ago! A perfect fit here and so happy he’s letting me use it! 🙂

Detail of door at bathroom ceiling. The bathroom will have a waterproof plastic sheeting installed up there; the kitchen side will stay open between the loft supports.


Bathroom ceiling before waterproof paneling install:


Looking from the bathroom into the kitchen:

The door will slide along a track on the ceiling on the bathroom side of the wall.

And one more photo looking into the kitchen and bathroom, now divided by a Tremendous Wall!


I couldn’t be more pleased with how things are shaping up! Stay tuned for pictures of the wall and ceiling insulation, and interior paneling!


One thought on “Building a Tremendous Wall

  1. Diane Stevens January 28, 2017 / 1:37 am

    You guys are moving right along!! Good job


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