Closing the Door

Hi everyone!

It’s been a whirlwind summer and fall including trips to Peru and Alabama, lots of things going on for work and multiple stints of hosting visitors/Tiny House helpers! Now it’s time to get you in the loop with what’s been happening.

I want to start with my absolute favorite part of the house… the door. In my last post you saw how my incredible dad crafted this bombproof beauty from scratch using only his imagination, a handful of boards, his favorite biscuit-jointer tool and as far as I can tell, probably some unicorn souls too (it’s that magical).

Here’s where we left off:


It was now time to put on the finishing touches-a splash of color to seal and finish the door. For the exterior side I chose a color that seemed perfect to me, a shade of “welcome home” green called Banana Leaf:

Image result for banana leaf green paint



As I brushed on the first stroke of paint I wondered if the color was too eye-piercing. Josh pointed out that my color choice might have been subconsciously influenced by my Ryobi power tools which are exactly the same shade of green… ha ha:

Image result for ryobi compound miter saw

Maybe! At any rate, thanks to Josh and Adam for their assistance painting!



After painting the exterior and edges of the door, it was time to finish the interior side using a clear polyurethane seal. I wanted to see the natural wood grain color showing through from the inside of the house.

For this important step we needed to bring in some reinforcements… cue a visit from my oldest and best friend, the one and only Meg O’Brien who road-tripped all the way from Minneapolis!


Sanding and sealing the interior side of the door

We were also joined by Dylan who helped with this step.


After letting the three coats of clear seal dry, we were ready to hang the door!



It was pretty exciting to see the portal to the Tiny House snugly in place. Naturally, the occasion called for a ridiculous photo shoot. Enjoy!

Knock knock…

2 thoughts on “Closing the Door

  1. Mom October 30, 2016 / 3:55 pm

    Lots of busy hands working together to make the entrance into your home so inviting! Love it!💕


  2. Kathy Funk October 30, 2016 / 4:03 pm

    Looks great Joy! John and I were in your town a few weeks ago. We would have stopped to visit but your mom said you would be in Alabama the weekend we planned on going through there. We stopped for gas in town. It looks like a very nice place to live. A lot larger city than I had thought. We are enjoying your updates of your tiny home. Looking forward to watching the progress and seeing it finished. We will have to make another trip out your way for a visit and see it. Take care.
    Love Kathy


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