Why a Tiny House?

Hi there and thanks for checking out my blog!

For an introduction to this project and why I want to do it, check out the About tab above!

In a nutshell, my main goals in building a Tiny House are:

  • To prove that I have what it takes (with a little help from my friends!) to build a safe, mobile living space that has all the amenities needed for basic comfort.
    This means (nearly rent-free) housing security, freedom to move easily and of course personal growth through learning many construction and life skills during the build process!
  • To achieve my dream of living an environmentally low-impact, simplified lifestyle free of clutter and unnecessary possessions.
    This means having more consciousness of my own consumption and energy use and more time to devote toward living a meaningful life (vs.  toward paying larger bills and accumulation/upkeep of material things).
  • To challenge my own creativity to design a space that is functional, stylish in its simplicity and a pleasure to occupy.
    This means that multi-purpose furniture, hidden storage and functional elements of the house will be smart, imaginative and designed with intention in a way that flows nicely.

As soon as I heard about the Tiny House movement and researched the incredible things that can be done to make these small spaces functional and beautiful, I knew I had to build one of my own! So here goes nothing!

Some of my tools, fresh from Home Depot and ready to roll!

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